Wednesday, October 15, 2008

eFest message from Midnight Assembly

A message to eFest attendees from the Midnight Assembly team

Hello! What an incredible time we all had together in Auckland in September.

Following the excited energy raised regarding our e-learning ideas, we would like to hear from those of you who are interested in helping us develop the following:

  • A learner-centered sister conference to eFest to be held next year, one which proactively engages in projects and hold challenges for its participants. This idea engine is to also serve as a data mine of information to be presented back to the annual eFest.
  • MAOS (Midnight Assembly Operation System), a streamlined software platform for primary, secondary, and tertiary educators. Essentially a MASSIVE holistically designed piece of software that is capable of cultivating an inspired learner cross-spectrum culture in New Zealand. Understandably there is a lot more to this idea than a few sentences and we welcome detailed discussion on it.
  • An infrastructure for Midnight Assembly that can continue pursueing and organising these events when its trustees are occupied elsewhere.

We are a youth operated charity - perhaps the youngest in the country - and need your support networks, wisdom, and can-do!

If any of this has raised an eyebrow then that's the perfect reason to get in touch!

All the best,

From the Midnight Assembly

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